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Plant Name  
Bourreria succulenta - Bahama Strongbark Suppliers
Bucida molinetti - Spiny Black Olive Suppliers
Burmannia flava - Fakahatchee Bluethread - Fakahatchee Burmannia Suppliers
Bursera simaruba - Gumbo Limbo Suppliers
Byrsonima lucida - Locust Berry Suppliers
Calamintha georgiana - Georgia Calamint Suppliers
Callicarpa americana - Beautyberry Suppliers
Calycanthus floridus - Sweet Shrub Suppliers
Calycanthus floridus floridus - Sweet Shrub Suppliers
Calyptranthes pallens - Spicewood Suppliers
Calyptranthes zuzygium - Myrtle-of-the-River Suppliers
Campsis radicans - Trumpet Creeper Suppliers
Canavalia rosea - Beach Bean Suppliers
Canella winterana - Wild Cinnamon Suppliers
Canna flaccida - Yellow/Golden Canna Suppliers
Capparis cynophallophora - Jamaica Caper Suppliers
Carex cherokeensis - Cherokee Sedge Suppliers
Carex comosa - Longhair Sedge Suppliers
Carex flaccosperma - Thinfruit Sedge Suppliers
Carex grayi - Gray's Sedge - Morning Star Sedge Suppliers
Carex lurida - Shallow Sedge Suppliers
Carex stipata - Awlfruit Sedge Suppliers
Carex vulpinoidea - Fox Sedge Suppliers
Carpinus caroliniana - American Hornbeam - Blue Beech Suppliers
Carya alba - Mockernut Hickory Suppliers
Carya aquatica - Water Hickory Suppliers
Carya cordiformis - Bitternut Hickory Suppliers
Carya glabra - Pignut Hickory Suppliers
Castanea dentata - American Chestnut Suppliers
Castanea pumila - Chinquapin Suppliers
Catalpa bignonioides - Southern Catalpa Suppliers
Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey Tea Suppliers
Celtis laevigata - Sugarberry Suppliers
Celtis occidentalis - Hackberry Suppliers
Cephalanthus occidentalis - Buttonbush Suppliers
Ceratophyllum demersum - Hornwort Suppliers
Cercis canadensis - Eastern Redbud Suppliers
Chamaecyparis thyoides - White Cedar Suppliers
Chasmanthium latifolium - River Oats Suppliers
Chiococca alba - Snowberry Suppliers
Chionanthus virginicus - White Fringetree Suppliers
Chrysobalanus icaco 'Horizontal' Suppliers
Chrysobalanus icaco - Green Cocoplum Suppliers
Chrysogonum virginianum - Green-and-Gold Suppliers
Chrysophyllum oliviforme - Satin Leaf Suppliers
Citharexylum spinosum - Fiddlewood Suppliers
Cladium jamaicense - Native Sawgrass Suppliers
Clematis virginiana - Virginsbower Suppliers
Clethra alnifolia - Summersweet Clethra Suppliers
Clusia rosea - Pitch Apple, Autograph Tree Suppliers
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