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Plant Name  
Ilex cassine 'Perdido' Suppliers
Ilex cassine 'Tensaw' Suppliers
Ilex cassine - Dahoon Holly Suppliers
Ilex decidua - Possum Haw Suppliers
Ilex glabra - Gallberry, Inkberry Suppliers
Ilex krugiana - Krug's Holly, Tawny-berry Holly Suppliers
Ilex opaca (female) - American Holly Suppliers
Ilex opaca - American Holly Suppliers
Ilex verticillata - Common Winterberry Suppliers
Ilex vomitoria - Yaupon Holly Suppliers
Ilex vomitoria / Female - Yaupon Holly Suppliers
Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah' Suppliers
Ilex x attenuata - East Palatka Holly Suppliers
Illicium floridanum - Florida Anise Suppliers
Illicium parviflorum - Yellow Anise, Ocala Anise Suppliers
Ipomoea imperati - Beach Morning Glory Suppliers
Ipomoea pes-caprae - Railroad Vine Suppliers
Iris hexagona - Blue Flag Iris Suppliers
Iris virginica - Blue Flag Iris Suppliers
Itea virginica - Sweetspire, Virginia Willow Suppliers
Iva frutescens - Marsh Elder Suppliers
Iva imbricata - Beach Elder Suppliers
Jacquinia keyensis - Joewood Suppliers
Juglans nigra - Black Walnut Suppliers
Juncus effusus - Soft Rush Suppliers
Juncus roemerianus - Black Rush, Needle Rush Suppliers
Juniperus virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar Suppliers
Juniperus virginiana silicicola - Southern Red Cedar Suppliers
Kalmia latifolia - Mountain Laurel Suppliers
Kosteletzkya virginica - Salt Marsh Mallow Suppliers
Krugiodendron ferreum - Black Ironwood Suppliers
Lachnanthes caroliana - Redroot Suppliers
Laguncularia racemosa - White Mangrove Suppliers
Lantana depressa - Pineland/Fla Lantana Suppliers
Lantana involucrata - Native White Lantana Suppliers
Leersia oryzoides - Rice Cutgrass Suppliers
Leucothoe axillaris - Dog-hobble Suppliers
Leucothrinax morrisii - Keys Thatch Palm Suppliers
Liatris gracilis - Blazing Star - Slender Gayfeather Suppliers
Liatris spicata - Gayfeather, Blazing Star - Dense Gayfeather Suppliers
Licania michauxii - Gopher Apple Suppliers
Lindera benzoin - Spicebush Suppliers
Liquidambar styraciflua - Sweetgum Suppliers
Liriodendron tulipifera - Tulip Poplar - Tuliptree Suppliers
Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower Suppliers
Lonicera sempervirens - Coral Honeysuckle Suppliers
Lycium carolinianum - Christmas Berry Suppliers
Lyonia ferruginea - Rusty Lyonia - Rusty Staggerbush Suppliers
Lyonia lucida - Fetterbush Suppliers
Lysiloma latisiliquum - Wild/False Tamarind Suppliers
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